Breeeathe – maintenance issues are in the past

While life in Dubai is great most of the time, one thing as residents we’re all aware of – particularly in the scorching summer months – is the potential for costly home repair issues suddenly popping up. When it’s pushing 50 degrees outside, a broken AC unit is the stuff of sweaty nightmares.

Then there’s failed or dirty water heaters, clogged pipes expenses, loose lighting connection fixtures, and cracking paintwork – all waiting to bleed your savings account dry.

Signing up for a Monthly Maintenance Agreement (MMA) can help you avoid all this stress and seriously reduce home repair costs throughout the year.

Here are three reasons why MMAs are the way to go.

1. When emergency strikes, you know who you’re gonna call…

If the AC stops working in the middle of the day or the pipes in your bathroom suddenly burst at 3am, an MMA that provides 24/7 emergency repair callouts is a lifeline. Simply dial the hotline number and wait for the cavalry to arrive – there’s nothing more valuable than peace of mind

2. You can even prevent emergencies from happening

Another great thing about having an MMA is you can potentially prevent emergencies from happening by getting regular check-ups. An MMA should come with essential yearly preventative maintenance checks – for example, an AC service every four months. These routine check-ups ensure any problems can be discovered, identified and fixed way before the worst happens.

3. If you rent a property, it’ll help you keep track of things

Under UAE law it’s the landlord’s responsibility to repair any major issues on a leased property, even those caused by natural wear and tear. An MMA with a reputable provider will let you keep track of the things that need repair or replacement in your rented property and be able to put this in a report that you can show your landlord.

4. You’ll get more for your money

In terms of cost effectiveness, here’s something to consider – a standard AC service for two units costs AED 619, whereas an MMA contract with Breathe for two AC units costs AED 367. Plus, you get three AC services per unit every four months for free, along with a load of other benefits.

Want to Breathe a little easier?

If all this makes sense to you, then it’s worth looking at a Breathe Monthly Maintenance Agreement. Not only is it the most efficient way to ensure all your home maintenance needs are covered throughout the year, but you can also enjoy special discounted services, flexible payment plans and that priceless emergency 24/7 support.

If you have any questions or want to talk to an expert about the best maintenance plan for your needs, feel free to get in touch with our team.