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Our plumbing services in Dubai include everything from small leaks and blockages to broken pipes and sewage line repairs. Our plumbers are specialists that can tackle every part of the job, no matter how big or small!

With Breathe’s plumbing services, you can be assured that our technicians will have all the necessary equipment ready to use before heading to their service appointment. For additional repair parts, our support staff is always there to coordinate and find the best prices for our customers.

We also have emergency plumbing services, so whether a pipe bursts in the middle of the night or there’s an annoying leak coming from the shower, our emergency plumbers will be there as soon as possible! 

We are currently servicing all major communities across Dubai.

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Our plumbing services include:

  • Water pipe repair and replacement

  • Water leak repair

  • Water pumps repair and replacement

  • Drain blockage

  • Water heater repair and replacement

  • Irrigation systems

  • Renovation and refurbishment

  • 24/7 standby emergency plumbers all over Dubai

  • Your property must be located in Dubai

Our maintenance experts will help you get the job done! For questions or more information give us a call or contact us via WhatsApp – we are here to help you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

At Breathe, no question is left unanswered! If you can’t find what you’re looking for about plumbing, give us a call or contact us via WhatsApp for personalised advice.

My Water Bill Went up, How Do I Check for Leaks?2022-11-16T11:26:16+00:00

In this case, we recommend getting professional assistance. First, the specialists will check the float valves for the water tanks.Then they will check for leaking taps and flush mechanisms. They will also have a thorough look around the property and turn off the gate valves as these tend to become defective in the harsh environment of Dubai.

Why does my drain get clogged?2022-11-16T11:25:23+00:00

This is likely due to many external factors clogging the drain, but cooking oils and hair are usually the top two culprits!

Is it safe to use chemical drain cleaners?2022-11-16T11:24:32+00:00

We advise letting the professionals have a look first. Some drain unblockers get very hard inside the pipe and make the blockage worse. This may lead to the waste pipes having to be replaced instead.

Why does the toilet keep running?2022-11-16T11:23:37+00:00

This is normally due to an issue with the plastic flush mechanism inside the toilet cistern. They tend to stick and allow the tank to continuously fill up. If you’re experiencing this issue, our specialists can go for an inspection and fix it for you.

What is the most common plumbing problem?2022-11-16T11:22:43+00:00

Water heaters tend to burst quite a lot in Dubai as a result of system malfunctions and excess heating. High DEWA consumption is also a common mishap, which usually indicates a hidden leak around the house.

Do you handle plumbing related renovation and refurbishment projects?2022-05-31T06:38:42+00:00

Of course! Our specialised Project Management Division can support you with wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and any other project you are looking to get completed.

Can you fix my issue in one visit?2022-05-31T06:28:32+00:00

At Breathe, we strive to get the job done in one visit! Our team of experts carry many tools and parts as standard to try to ensure we can fix the problem then and there.

Do you cover all types of plumbing repair?2022-05-31T06:28:01+00:00

Yes! No matter how big or small, from a dripping tap to a burst pipe, we have got you covered.


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