If you’re fed up with your home’s interiors, the answer could be a lot simpler than buying a truckload of new furniture – maybe it’s time for a fresh colour change or feature wall.

We all know that feeling of sitting at home, looking around and suddenly feeling uninspired or bored by the decor.

It’s not necessarily that anything’s ‘wrong,’ you just don’t feel energised by the space – which is a big problem if you spend a lot of time at your property.

But before you go out and buy a ton of new furniture and pricey accessories, there might be a simpler answer that could transform the way you feel about your home.

Maybe it’s time for a fresh coat of paint…

Here are a few reasons why the Breathe experts say a paint job is the quickest way to an interior refresh.


Is your home feeling dated?

It’s easy to forget about the walls behind the furniture and fancy decor. You can update your sofa or dining table and yet still feel like your interiors are stuck in another decade. Getting a professional paint job in a contemporary shade will suddenly bring a new lease of life to your surroundings and offer a fresh new pallet to work with.


It will make rooms feel much bigger

A fresh coat of paint can work magic, making small spaces feel bigger, and cold spaces feel warmer. A fresh lick of paint and some imagination will open up an interior and create the illusion of more room, just by being cleaner and brighter or adding a feature to your walls.


Your home will suddenly feel ‘new’

Even if you have white or neutral walls, years of use can make them appear dirty and depressing. A fresh coat of paint in the same colour will also open up the space and give you that invigorating ‘just moved in’ feeling.


You could also add value to your property

Freshly painted walls can even add overall value to your house – which is great if you’ve been toying with the idea of selling in Dubai’s currently very upbeat market. Painting your home is one of the most affordable ways to upgrade your house before putting it on the market – much easier than a remodel!


Tempted? Let us take care of the messy bits.

Getting the painting professionals in will ensure an immaculate result and take away the headaches and mess of attempting it yourself.

Reach out to the Breathe team who will be able to give you professional advice on colour choice if required, and leave us to do the hard work.