Sometimes the most harmful things are the ones you can’t see…

Have you ever stopped to think about the quality of air inside your home? Air can become the vehicle of many allergens, bacteria, and harmful pests. Most of the time you won’t be able to tell until you or your family start getting sick, so it’s a good idea to take preventative measures before the dirty air causes any health issues.

You don’t have to invest lots of money in an air purifier to enjoy a breath of fresh air (unless you want to). The truth is purifying your indoor air is easier than you might think, and it often comes down to something you’re already familiar with – AC maintenance.

With Dubai’s sizzling summer making a comeback, your air conditioner will be running most of the time. If it cools efficiently and there are no strange noises you might think there’s no reason to call a specialist – but have you thought about how clean the AC is?
Breathe in, Breathe out…

The air in your home goes through your air conditioning units all day, even when it’s turned off. Over time, a barrier of dust, dirt, and bacteria builds up inside the units, causing respiratory issues, lack of cooling, and leaks. So besides being the culprit of many maintenance mishaps, it could also fill your living space with harmful bacteria.

Same goes for the evaporator coil – a cold radiator on the indoor AC system that cools the air as it passes through. One of the most important parts of maintaining pure air is to have your coils cleaned regularly by an expert (told you, it’s usually the stuff we don’t see!).
Next steps

An easy way to start purifying the air in your home is to schedule an AC and coil cleaning service with industry experts. At Breathe, we use disinfect each part as much as needed to remove any built-up dirt and mould.

While there’s no guarantee that the air in your home will be 100% pure after this, removing all the dirt buildup will definitely help circulate cleaner air and avoid serious health hazards.

Not sure if your units need cleaning yet? You can also call our team for a personalised inspection and they’ll advise you on the state of your units and coils.