Some expert tips that can make a big difference when it comes to temp control

When people start posting TikTok’s showing themselves cooking eggs in a pan on the ground outside you know Dubai summer is in full swing – and its survival time. The good news is the extreme heat (oh, hello 50 degrees) only lasts a couple of months, plus there are practical things you can do to ensure your home at least one blissfully cool haven.

Close curtains and blinds

Keeping curtains and blinds closed during the day to block out direct sunlight – which can significantly heat up a room – is an easy fix that makes a big impact.

Strategic window use

Also, if you only open windows in the evening and early morning when the outside temperature is cooler and close them during the day, you can keep airflow passing through your home but prevent hot air from entering.

Use air conditioning wisely

Savvy Dubai residents should become Jedi-like masters of their AC units… By using the system selectively and setting it to a comfortable but not overly cool temperature, you’ll maintain a pleasant environment but avoid huge bills. It is also essential that you get the filters cleaned or replaced, check for leaks, and have a professional inspection to ensure the system is running efficiently.

Avoid heat generating appliances

You may love to cook, but heat producing appliances like ovens and stoves can really raise the inside temperature. In summer, try and avoid them during the day and opt for grilling outside (if you’re in a villa) or use a microwave or air fryer instead.

Avoid incandescent lights

Incandescent lightbulbs generate more heat than LED or CFL lights. Switch to energy efficient lighting options to reduce additional heat in your home.

Use dehumidifiers

Humidity can make a hot environment feel even more uncomfortable. Invest in a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air and instantly make your home feel cooler.

Seal leaks

Check for any air leaks around windows and doors and seal them properly as this will prevent warm, humid air from infiltrating your home. It’s probably worth getting a professional in to help.

Unplug appliances

As much as possible unplug all unused appliances and devices at home such as chargers, TVs, and computers as these can still draw heat when they are plugged in but not in use. It’s also the greener thing to do.

Choose cool colours

Finally, by opting for light coloured, reflective, and breathable materials for your furniture and home decor you’ll breathe fresh air into the space. Light colours absorb less heat and help maintain a cooler indoor environment – plus they just ‘feel’ cooler too.