There are some common ideas out there about taking care of your property that can lead to disaster. The Breathe experts put the record straight so you can make smarter decisions when it comes to your home.

Maintenance jobs and general upkeep are a big part of owning a home. More often than not, property owners fall for false beliefs that turn into bigger problems in the long run – here are some popular myths to ditch next time you face a maintenance issue.

  1. Do it yourself and save money

Bad news for DIY enthusiasts – doing maintenance jobs yourself is rarely the best or cheapest approach. Trying to do complex maintenance tasks around the house without the proper expertise will likely cause other issues that you didn’t have before, resulting in more time and money spent.

For your safety and that of your family, intricate jobs such as electrical work, water tank maintenance, plumbing, and AC servicing must be done by experts to ensure a safe and effective process.

  1. A fresh lick of paint fixes everything

Covering peels, cracks or mould on your walls with a coat of paint will create the illusion that the problem is ‘fixed’. If you can’t see it, it’s not there… right?

Well, not quite. Whether your wall is cracked, stained with mould or damaged by insufferable termites, you need to eliminate the source of the problem and fix the deterioration before you paint over it. Paint is cheaper, but ignoring underlying issues will cause more maintenance mishaps and a higher cost – so next time you spot a suspicious texture or crack on your wall, put down the paintbrush and call a specialist!

  1. Water tanks don’t need maintenance

The water and heat in your tank can form the perfect environment for various parasites, harmful bacteria, insects and even small rodents. To ensure the water is safe for you and your family, Dubai Municipality recommends having your water tank cleaned and disinfected at least twice a year.

The scope of work for a water tank cleaning service involves several steps and is better handled by home maintenance specialists. Make sure you get it checked regularly to ensure the cleanliness of your water and the health of your loved ones.

  1. It’s normal for utility bills to get higher all the time

While your power and water consumption may vary throughout the year, this isn’t always normal – major changes in monthly bills could be a result of overlooked maintenance issues.

Some water leaks are so subtle that you only notice them when the bill skyrockets. Make sure you also keep an eye on gas and electricity usage as an unusual rise in the costs could indicate an underlying problem. If you don’t know how to spot these issues yourself, we recommend having a maintenance inspection to ensure everything is in order.