Keep your watery retreat in great condition all year long.

With Dubai’s scorching temps and arid climate, a dip in a cool outdoor swimming pool feels like one of life’s necessities. However, maintaining them in such a challenging environment comes with its own set of obstacles that requires innovative solutions.

Here are a few Breathe tips for keeping your pool in fantastic condition.

Cover up

One of the main challenges faced by pool owners in Dubai is the intense heat, which can lead to rapid evaporation and water loss. To counteract this, investing in pool covers can prove to be a game-changer. Not only do they help in reducing water evaporation, but they also prevent debris and dirt from contaminating the pool, thereby reducing the need for loads of cleaning.

Check the chemicals

The year-round sun can wreak havoc on pool water chemistry, leading to increased chlorine consumption. This means you need to keep a keen eye on chemical levels to ensure that the pool water remains safe and inviting. This may involve more frequent testing during peak summer months and the use of stabilisers to prevent rapid chlorine degradation under harsh sunlight. It’s always better to get professional help in this area.

Filter out the dust

In Dubai, dust storms pose another threat to pool cleanliness. Fine particles carried by the wind can quickly turn a crystal-clear pool into a murky mess. Installing efficient filtration systems and skimmers can help trap and remove these particles before they settle, reducing the burden on the pool’s circulation and filtration equipment.

Get water efficient

Water scarcity is a big issue in many Middle Eastern countries, making efficient water usage a top priority. Implementing water-saving technologies such as automatic water level controllers and backwash recycling systems can significantly reduce water consumption without compromising the pool’s hygiene standards. Additionally, fixing leaks promptly plays a vital role in sustainable pool management.

Regular maintenance

Which brings us to get regular maintenance checks. These will ensure the longevity of pool equipment, especially when faced with our harsh climate. The Breathe experts can help you with routine inspections of pumps, filters, and other mechanical components and identify issues early on, preventing costly repairs or replacements.