Get your AC ready for the sizzling months ahead with these expert tips.

It’s almost that time of the year again for Dubai residents… The mega hot, humid summer is slowly coming back. And with the scorching heat comes the need to keep the house extra cool all day (trust us, not having a functional AC is the worst thing that can happen to you in the Dubai summer).

We don’t want you to wait until it’s too late, so we’ve put together a maintenance checklist to help avoid mishaps during the scorching months. Thank us later.
Get your units professionally cleaned

This may sound obvious to some, but the first step to avoiding a midsummer nightmare is to get a professional AC cleaning service. From disinfecting the vents and grills to cleaning the filters, this will help your units to run efficiently all summer long.

(Tip: if you don’t know how many units your home has, just count the number of thermostats)
Get your ducts in a row

Next on the list is duct and coil cleaning. A build-up of dirt and dust in your AC ducts and coils creates the perfect environment for bacteria and mould – plus it’s one of the most common causes of AC leakage. Make sure you schedule a duct and coil cleaning service before the heat starts to hit.
Remember the outdoor unit

External units for villas and townhouses are more important than you think – they include the compressor, condenser coil and fan (three very important parts of your AC). As part of the Breathe AC cleaning service, our specialists inspect these parts and ensure they’re working properly.
Eyes on the thermostat

If your thermostat is at 19 degrees but your home still feels like a sauna, chances are there’s something wrong with your AC. The causes can vary, but catching it early will help avoid bigger problems with your units. Bottom line, keep your eyes peeled and make sure your thermostat matches the temperature.
Schedule regular inspections

Maintenance issues always show up at the worst possible time, which is why scheduling regular inspections is so important. Getting your AC units inspected by experts will help detect any sneaky malfunctions and get them fixed as soon as possible.
At Breathe, whether your AC needs a clean, inspection, repair or some preventative maintenance, we’re always here to help. For more info or to book an appointment, reach out to our team today.