Keep an eye out for these issues and save your AC system before it’s too late.

Whether it’s the middle of the scorching summer or the cooler (but equally sunny) winter months, having a fully functional air conditioning system is essential in Dubai.

With time and use, your AC may show signs of wear down –some quite obvious, others not so much. Here are five indications that your AC may be on the verge of breaking.

Creepy noises

All air conditioners make slight noises –they’re machines with lots of moving parts after all!

That being said, unusual or loud blusters can be a warning sign that something is not working correctly. Watch out for squealing, whistling or grinding noises especially. If you hear any of these, we recommend havingyour AC serviced immediately.
Warm air

If your thermostat shows that the AC is at full blast but the sweat on your forehead says otherwise, thecompressor might be failing.

When caught on time, this problem can be fixed quite simply by professionals –but when too much time passes, a complete unit replacement could bethe only way out. Keep an eye on your thermostat and note any temperature changes.

Poor air flow

Weak or little air flow through your AC vents isa clear sign of obstructed ducts, resulting in some rooms getting more air than others.Dirt, dust and bacteria will gather in your AC ducts over time –and besides blocking the air from passing through your home, it also presents a health risk to you and your family.

Getting a professional duct cleaning service will restore the airflow and ensure that your AC is distributing clean, safe air throughout your living space.

Strange odours

Strong, foul odours from your AC usually mean the conditioner’s wire insulation has burned out. However, if you’re noticing a musty smell, chances are your unit or ducts have mould in them.

In these cases, our experts recommend having your AC and ducts professionally serviced as soon as possible to avoid bigger issues and keep harmful bacteria from spreading.

Moisture or leakage

If water is dripping near your AC or you notice moisture around your unit,there may be a block in the condensation drain tube. It starts as a small leak that you can ‘cover’ with a bucket –but it can turn into a flood when left untreated.